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A Day in the Life of a Vaccinator

Sun, January 31, 2021 11:00 AM | Anonymous

After working over the last few months as a Health Champion for Westminster City Council, Marylebone Association Committee Member Julie Redmond felt she really needed to do more. After watching her colleagues from afar working on COVID-19 hospital wards and losing their colleagues and patients to COVID-19 as if this was a normal everyday occurrence she decided to help out too Home-schooling in March last year was not for me and my poor child who at six was expecting mummy to know all the answers, would completely agree with me! Our third London Lockdown took us all by surprise just before Christmas and we have gone deeper and deeper into the abyss since then. I have friends and colleagues messaging me daily telling me how depressed and full of anxiety they are. Usually, I am the one with all the answers and advice, but I do not have any.

I joined the COVID-19 NHS vaccination Programme; little did I know what I was getting myself into. Forty online assessments later, I was getting ready at 6am to go to Lords Cricket Ground. I eat my normal breakfast: a bowl of porridge with cinnamon and honey and a strong cup of coffee along with a good dose of Vitamin D, C, and zinc vitamins.

7.30am I arrive on site to Lords Cricket Ground in the rain and do my Lateral Flow Test. I wait for 45mins, it is negative. I look at my watch and it is 8.30am. First patients arrive... It is exciting to be part of the vaccine roll out, but in the back of my mind I am hoping it works. Everyone gets briefed then I go and set up my pod. My adrenaline is pumping. There is an anaphylaxis protocol on the back of my chair. There are eight vaccinators, and each vaccinator has admin support. We start drawing up syringe after syringe of 0.3ml of Pfizer vaccine and 0.5ml of the AstraZeneca vaccine. People with allergies get the AstraZeneca vaccine. We all take it in turns to have a 10min break for a coffee. The question I am faced with all morning is ‘can I hug my grandchild now’? with tears in their eyes and ‘when do we get our second dose’? and the funniest comment from a fit ninety-year-old ‘I have never seen so many old people in one place’! I tell anyone who has received the Pfizer vaccine to wait 15mins before leaving the building. When we run low, we have people drawing up the vaccine for us. It is a production  line, a highly organised one where everyone has their own job. I am really impressed and humbled. Every second person thanks me.

Lunch is at 1pm and pizzas are donated. The NHS team I am working with all know each other, from the tech support, admin support, managers and doctors and nurses. Their team spirit is contagious.

1.45pm We start back in and we work solidly for the afternoon.

By 3pm there are queues of elderly people lining up in the rain and it is getting dark, my heart breaks but this has nothing to do with the organisation, people are just turning up without an appointment and then some are early. I see my neighbour with his walking stick, and I vaccinate a retired Harley street surgeon who asks me what job I normally do? He then offers me his business card. By 4pm, I feel like I am a Duracell bunny. We vaccinated a total of 1500 that day. I think my count was 150. I met some amazing people that day, full of spirit and inner strength.

7pm I drive home and realise my back is stiff and into an Epsom salt bath I go with a large glass of wine. The beginning of the end…

Julie Redmond RGN.NIP

Before getting your vaccine-Tips

  • wear warm clothes in case of queues outside or you may receive the vaccine in the out door pod 
  • wear loose clothing. No long sleeve shirts. The vaccinator needs to roll up your sleeve to reach your deltoid muscle where the vaccine is administered.
  • you may have side effects from the vaccine the next day or sore arm for a few days
  • your GP will contact you in two weeks with your next dose appointment date after you get your first vaccine
  • wear your mask and social distance


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