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  • Wed, March 01, 2023 7:30 AM | Anonymous

    1. Scale and massing. We have significant concerns over the excessive height and bulk of the proposed development which will cause harm to the Portman Estate Conservation Area. The impact of the proposed massing on the townscape views and to the properties to the east backing onto Broadstone Place is detrimental.

    2. Conservation: Removal of existing buildings which have some local merit, numbers 70-62 is unwelcome, especially no.62-64 which, above ground floor, is a decent example of stone architecture from the 1930s in the Marylebone area and the justification for their replacement with a singular architecture is convenient rather than convincing.

    3. Townscape analysis: we concur with the analysis, put forward by the Wendover Court Management Ltd objection on behalf of local residents that the application site is half the urban block, which extends to Chiltern Street to the east and that the proposals should be considered in this context.

    4. Sustainability: the embodied carbon of existing buildings is assessed and considered and deemed to be outweighed by the long term carbon benefits of the proposals. We expect WCC to consider the proposed demolition over refurbishment in the light of the Marks & Spencer case and to be consistent with this.

    5. Pattern of development: the removal of smaller development parcels and the agglomeration into a single large development with a central entrance is an unwelcome intervention into an area mostly characterised by smaller development footprints, with the building opposite on Baker Street being an unusual exception. It is not in keeping with the urban grain or rhythm of the local area.

    6. The relative inflexibility of a central entrance and two cores means that the future development can at most be divided into two, rather than more (eg. four if two entrances had been centred on the cores). While this may appeal to the office market at present, this seems an inherently inflexible approach that is thus less sustainable than a more flexible, multi entrance design. We do not agree that the proposed configuration represents a ‘future proofed and flexible’ building which is the ambition stated in the design and access statement

    7. Design and architecture: the proposed architectural language is unusual in the area. While there is nothing inherently wrong with this, we encourage contemporary architecture in Marylebone to be of exemplary quality in order to be supportive of it. In our view the proposals do not yet reach this standard. The lack of variety in elevational treatment over such a long facade, including turning the corners onto Blandford and Dorset Street is unwelcome and the detail lacks the refinement of some other distinguished works by the architect. The design of the central entrance is prosaic and would benefit from refinement. Further design development of the elevations would be welcomed and perhaps should be subject to comment from Westminsters imminent Design Review Panel.

    8. Residential quality: the proposed homes are mostly single aspect and we do not accept that an internal bay that allows oblique views at 45 degrees qualifies as providing adequate dual aspect, as required by the GLA.

  • Thu, January 05, 2023 3:08 PM | Anonymous

    The Howard de Walden Estate intends on submitting a planning application under the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 in relation to the following proposed development:

    ‘Partial excavation of existing rear garden to create a new two storey link extension behind 25 Wimpole Street and 18-20 Harley Place to provide either Class E (e) medical or Class E (g)(ii) research and development space in conjunction with a new single storey basement and mansard roof extension at 18-20 Harley Place, installation of new plant on main roof at 25 Wimpole Street and new rear garden and outdoor terrace spaces to the rear of 18-20 Harley Place and 25 Wimpole Street.’

    Prior to submitting this application to Westminster City Council, The Howard de Walden Estate would like to invite you to attend any of the consultation events below to find out more about our proposals in detail, but also provide a chance for you to ask more questions and gather more detail about our proposals at this stage.

    Please find the dates and times of these sessions below:

    Tuesday 10th January: 10:00- 12:00 and 18:30-20:30 - Drop in event

    Thursday 12th January: 12:00-14:00 - Drop in event

    Monday 16th January: 10:00- 11:30 - Presentation online

    Thursday 19th January: 12:00- 13:30 – Presentation online and 18:30-20:00 - Drop in event

    All in person events will be held at The Howard de Walden Estate offices, however, please confirm via the e- mail address below if you would like to attend the online event and a link will be sent to you in due course.

    Alternatively, if you are unable to attend any of the sessions above, further information regarding the proposals will be available at the beginning of January via The Howard de Walden Estate website: https://www.hdwe.co.uk/our-properties/projects 

  • Thu, June 02, 2022 6:39 AM | Anonymous

    Leader of Westminster City Council and the other councillors who are part of the Cabinet: https://www.westminster.gov.uk/cabinet

    Councillor David Boothroyd, Finance and Council Reform

    Councillor Tim Roca, Deputy Leader, and Young People, Learning and Leisure

    Councillor Geoff Barraclough, Business and Planning

    Councillor Nafsika Butler Thalassis, Adult Social Care, Public Health and Voluntary Sector

    Cllr Adam Hug, Leader Elect of Westminster City Council

    Councillor Matt Noble, Chief Whip and Climate Action, Regeneration & Renters

    Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg, City Management and Air Quality

    Councillor Aicha Less, Deputy Leader, and Communities and Public Protection

    Councillor Liza Begum, Housing Services

  • Sat, February 05, 2022 5:01 AM | Anonymous

    Visit the virtual exhibition for the emerging proposals for the future of Garfield House, 86 - 110 Edgware Road, W2 2EA. - Have you say on the proposed development.

    Visit https://garfieldhouseconsultation.co.uk/have-your-say/

    The first stage of consultation is running until 16th February 2022

  • Tue, February 01, 2022 9:04 AM | Anonymous

    Tell me a bit about yourself?

     My name is Cristina Rodriguez, and I live and work in Marylebone. I opened 94YS Marylebone, with the support of BBLUR architecture www.bblur.com, in October 2019, just before the first Covid lockdown: Perfect timing, however, it has been a tremendous success, and 94YS Marylebone www.94YS.co.uk is thriving both at our store and online. I am Spanish.

     Where did your inspiration come from?

    The inspiration for the brand name 94YS came from the numerological meaning of wisdom, humanitarianism and self-sufficiency associated with the number 94 and the YS is an abbreviation of Yo Soy which means I Am in Spanish. 94YS jewellery represents confident, outward-looking women that are comfortable in themselves. My philosophy for the brand is to provide pretty feminine, timeless, high-quality design jewellery pieces that are comfortable to wear formally or casually.

    Tell me about some of your pieces?

    My jewellery is made with high-quality gold plating on sterling silver to be wearable by people with allergies. I have deliberately set a price point that is accessible to all. My shop is located on York Street at the corner of Seymour Place just a 5-minute walk from Marylebone Station. It is a bright, elegant and welcoming environment for people to enjoy. I am delighted to say that our entire range of pieces is popular. However, the LUNA necklace and the BLACK STAR necklace and earrings are particular favourites of our customers. Our coloured glass necklaces, earrings and evil eye bracelets are perfect for spring and summer. I am constantly evolving our designs, and I am excited by a new capsule collection that I will be introducing in the next few weeks. It is a design collaboration with Carmen Montero Mundt, and the pieces have an easy, sophisticated elegance. I am also designing a bespoke jewellery piece to support the CRIS Cancer Foundation (”Cancer Research Innovation in Science”)charity. The new piece will be available later in the year. It is an exciting time for 94YS at the moment, and I’m delighted to be contributing to our vibrant corner of the varied, exciting street life of Marylebone. 

  • Wed, December 01, 2021 2:45 PM | Anonymous

    How long have you lived in Marylebone?

    I am from Ireland and regularly visited Irish friends who lived in Marylebone. When I moved here for work in 2002, it seemed like an obvious and familiar option. Little did I know that I had just happened upon the best place to live in London! Now I can’t imagine living anywhere else! I live close to the High Street, with my 8-year-old daughter, Meera, and we are very well settled into Marylebone Village life.

    I have heard you are a famous author and have written many books?

    I am definitely not ‘famous’ (!) but I have had modest success in the business book publishing world, with six leadership books published since 2011. I set up my own leadership consulting business in 2004, working as a corporate leadership advisor to senior executive clients in companies such as Accenture and Microsoft. Early on I specialised in advising clients on their ‘First 100 Days’ and how to step up successfully into new senior leadership roles. This inspired my first book (still the best-selling) which is called ‘Your First 100 Days; how to make maximum impact in your new role’. I also work with clients on how to get promoted, and other key transition moments in their leadership career and role lifecycle.

    The way I see the world is that we are just humans, with some having more power than others – our so-called ‘leaders’. If those leaders did a better job, the whole human race – and the planet! - would all be better off. This is what inspires me and keeps me motivated and excited in my role. In my own small way, I am trying to improve the quality of leadership in the world - one new leadership beginning at a time in the ‘First 100 Days’, or one better leader who I help get promoted, or one new book about how to improve your leadership skills.

    Tell me about all the books you have written, and which book did you enjoy writing most?

    The book I am most proud of writing is called ‘Future Shaper; how leaders can take charge in an uncertain world’. Rather than focus on a niche leadership topic, it is my leadership manifesto in its broadest sense – everything I wanted to say about how you can become a great leader, which is a mix of very basic ‘forgotten’ skills plus a whole new set of sophisticated ones for the world we live in now.

    My next book venture is to write a leadership book series for children. This project is in the works and has not found a publisher yet. As my child progresses through the education system, I realised that leadership skills are not taught at school. It explained why we see such poor-quality leadership at the top of organisations and in government. How ironic – and tragic - that the most important skills to run our world are not being taught at school! I am writing a set of stories for children to absorb in terms of age-appropriate leadership skills to learn, and hopefully it will inspire them onto greatness. Our world needs better future leaders, now more than ever!

    For anyone interested, you can find by business books listed in Daunts Marylebone.

  • Wed, October 20, 2021 5:39 PM | Anonymous

    Please find here the recent Newsletter from Marylebone Square with their progress update and photographs.

  • Fri, October 01, 2021 6:00 AM | Anonymous

    Dear all,

    I am writing to update you on the plans for the Oxford Street District. We remain committed to supporting the future success of the nation’s favourite high street and its surrounding neighbourhoods. As you know, the case for investing in this area is even stronger following the pandemic and we remain focused on doing everything we can to deliver on this alongside our partners.

    We have already made huge strides in delivering some real improvements to Oxford Street and the surrounding district by working closely with the local community, including new greening and seating on Oxford Street itself, the exciting work on the new Soho photography quarter and improvements for cyclists and pedestrians across the whole area. Independent analysis has shown that by 2030 the Council’s vision for the district, including the £150m Council investment, could deliver an uplift of over £2bn in economic value creation and over 30,000 additional jobs that will benefit local communities.

    However, we have always been clear that all improvements must benefit residents as well as businesses and visitors and we want to make sure we consult openly and fully with local groups to ensure that their views can shape any of our proposals or schemes. Having listened to our residents and reviewed the cost effectiveness of the proposal for a pilot for the Oxford Circus piazzas, we have decided that it’s better to move forward with a focus on permanent schemes.

    Therefore, the temporary piazzas previously planned to open at Oxford Circus later this year will not now go ahead, along with all associated enabling street works. We’ll be focusing on engaging with residents and other stakeholders on potential permanent schemes for piazzas at Oxford Circus, along with associated enabling works. We will shortly share the engagement and consultation approach and timetable but in moving forward we are committed to meeting key tests of a clear business case, meaningful engagement, and complete clarity on impact on residents and costs.

    We firmly believe that it is critical that residents remain involved throughout the process and look forward to discussing this further with you at our regular meeting with Amenity Societies and Neighbourhood Forums next week.

    Councillor Matthew Green

    Cabinet Member for Business, Licensing and Planning

    Councillor for Little Venice Ward

    STATEMENT ON OXFORD STREET: On Tuesday 14 September, Councillor Matthew Green, Cabinet Member for Business, Licensing and Planning, gave an update on Westminster City Council’s plans for improvements to Oxford Street and the surrounding district. Cllr Green explained that the Council remains “committed to supporting the future success of the nation’s favourite high street and its surrounding neighbourhoods” and that the Council is “clear that all improvements must benefit our residents as well as businesses and visitors”. The Council will therefore move forward with a focus on permanent schemes and on consulting and engaging openly and fully with local groups. The temporary piazzas previously planned to open at Oxford Circus later this year will not go ahead. Read Councillor Green’s statement in full here.

  • Thu, July 01, 2021 11:13 AM | Anonymous

    With travel somewhat permitted and all the restrictions we have faced, I really wanted to find out how our five-star hotels were doing after reopening. Marylebone is home to some of the best hotels in London, our Top five-star hotels are Hyatt, The Marylebone Hotel, The Landmark, and Durrants. I asked some of them what it has been like?

    Interview with Arnaud De Saint-Exupery General Manager from The Hyatt

    What has the last year been like for the hotel industry?

    The last year has been extremely challenging for the entire hotel industry, as it has had to face a period of constant change demanding both resilience and agility. 2019 was a fantastic year for us at Hyatt Regency London – The Churchill and 2020 was shaping up to follow suit, which was of course halted by Covid-19. Since then, adaption has proved vital for survival, as the industry has been forced to rethink, restructure, and innovate. During lockdown, we channelled our energy and focus on adapting to both changing regulations and the needs and expectations of our guests, from introducing rigorous GBAC STARTM accreditation for safety and cleanliness protocols, to launching new family rooms in response to increased demand for staycations.

    What are you looking forward to most about opening?

    At Hyatt Regency London – The Churchill we decided to remain open during lockdown to look after guests who needed to travel for government-approved reasons. With restrictions easing, we are now finally open fully for staycations and leisure stays, while The Churchill Bar & Terrace, The Montagu Kitchen Restaurant and The Pop-Up Summer Terrace at The Churchill are open offering the choice of indoor or outdoor space to meet up with friends, family, and colleagues. Since we took the opportunity during lockdown to extend our events space and fully renovate our top suite, the four- bedroom The Churchill Residential Suite, we are excited to reveal these new options now that we have reopened, whether a guest is looking for a sophisticated wedding venue or long-stay accommodation.

    Above all, the cornerstone of our industry is all about human connection so ultimately there is nothing more exciting than to welcome guests back in person, whether it is someone who has stayed with us many times over the years or is discovering our hotel and the local area for the very first time. American hotelier and entrepreneur Ian Schrager recently said that as humans ‘we are wired for socialising’ - people want to be entertained, celebrate together, and escape their routine. Providing authentic human engagement and interaction means we can get a little closer to feeling some semblance of normality, which we have all been missing these last few months.

    Why is the Hyatt the best hotel to stay in?

    Steeped in authentic British charm thanks to bespoke design details and décor inspired by Sir Winston Churchill, Hyatt Regency London – The Churchill promises discerning guests a refined stay in an unrivalled, tranquil location, directly overlooking Portman Square Gardens in Marylebone. Many rooms and suites offer balconies and leafy views of the square, while our new family rooms – the 2- Bedroom Garden View Suite and Family Room Garden View – had been carefully designed with younger travellers in mind. Guests can choose to sip craft cocktails at award-winning The Churchill Bar & Terrace with an innovative menu designed by expert mixologists, dine on contemporary, seasonally inspired British cuisine at The Montagu Kitchen, or relax on the casual Pop-Up Summer Terrace at The Churchill.

    Interview with Kim Laubignat marketing executive from The Landmark Hotel

    What has the last year been like for the hotel industry?

    It has been a challenging year for our industry but with the strong commitment, hard work and flexibility of our team members we have been able to reopen.

    The Landmark London is dedicated to protecting the wellbeing of the team members and guests. It is reopening in strict accordance with government guidelines and is implementing thorough safety and sanitation measures as well as new initiatives, such as contactless check in.

    Its health and safety strategy has four pillars, and includes keeping staff safe to protect guests, increased hand disinfection and enhanced cleaning methods and the practicing of social distancing throughout the hotel.

    What are you looking forward to most about opening?

    “Our reopening day was a huge day, not just for The Landmark London but also for our industry. For the Landmark, we have been closed for 4 months and to be able to open our unique Winter Garden space and welcome back our guest in this environment is utterly amazing. What we are finding is, that the weekends are terribly busy for domestic travel, people are willing to come to London, to enjoy what London has to offer but also what The Landmark has to offer, to enjoy our spa and our swimming pool. Our weekends are looking promising in terms of leisure market. I was here to welcome our first guest coming through the doors with a warm elbow shake.”

    -Andrew Batchelor, General Manager

    Why is your hotel best hotel to stay in?

    As a guest at The Landmark London, you will experience quintessential London charm in the sumptuous surroundings of our magnificent grand dame hotel. Sophisticated and serene, The Landmark London is a 5-star oasis of calm-luxury. Our guests can escape to a blissful place in our sensual spa. A chlorine-free swimming pool, private gym and sensuous treatment rooms are available to all our guests. Our Winter Garden restaurant is a legendary London dining venue. A refreshing breakfast, a leisurely lunch or quietly glamorous High Palms High tea and dinner at the Winter Garden is always special. Our Mirror Bar is a stylish and intimate bar with a formal dress code where one can enjoy pre-dinner cocktails or a late-night drink.

    Interview with The Marylebone Hotel and Nicole Favish

    What has the last year been like for you?

    The hotel industry in London has had a challenging year, like the travel industry in general. With the lockdowns and travel restrictions we have opened and closed our doors several times! We have made the best use of our closure to work on refurbishing our rooms and suites, ensuring that our product is looking its best to welcome back our guests. We have also been lucky to have alfresco dining space at 108 Marylebone Lane, and thanks to the pedestrianisation of the lane, we have been able to expand this space on certain evenings.

    What are you looking forward to most over next few weeks?

    Welcoming old and new guests back through the doors

    Seeing Marylebone village come alive again

    Welcoming back many of our colleagues who have been furloughed for the past few months

    Why is the The Marylebone Hotel the best hotel to stay in?

    Location near shopping/Regent’s Park/being in the heart of Marylebone village

    Terrace suites with panoramic views of the city

    Renovated rooms and suites

    Alfresco dining at 108 Marylebone Lane, the perfect spot for people watching!

    Interview with Nessa Primji Durrants Hotel

    What has the last year been like for the hotel industry?

    It has been an incredibly challenging and turbulent time for the hotel industry this last year. The restrictions have meant many hotels having to close for most of the year. We have had to constantly adapt our services with the ever-changing restrictions we have all experienced. We are pleased to announce that we have taken this time to ensure Durrants is a safe and welcoming place for our guests to enjoy their stay.

    What are you looking forward to most about opening?

    We have deeply missed welcoming guests to Durrants, since we have opened it has been a pleasure to greet and engage with our regular guests as well as meeting new ones. This year Durrants Hotel is excited to celebrate 100 years under the ownership of the Miller family. We are thrilled to have introduced gift vouchers and special offers which can be found on our website www.durrantshotel.co.uk for guests wishing to visit and celebrate this incredibly special year with us at Durrants.

    Our four uniquely designed suites and event rooms are ideal for celebrating a special occasion, be it a wedding, birthday, or corporate event. To be a part of organising a guest's special event is especially rewarding and we are indeed looking forward to hosting events at Durrants.

    Why is Durrants the best hotel to stay in?

    True to the hotel’s Georgian architecture and heritage, Durrants is a beautiful building to spend the day and evening in. Incorporating classic furnishings mixed with antique furniture and prints creating an atmosphere of tasteful luxury.

    Guests can enjoy a stylish retreat in the heart of Marylebone village. Our 92 individually designed rooms offer Hand-made Savoir beds for added comfort and luxury L'Occitane toiletries. After a busy day in the office, site seeing, or shopping, guests can enjoy a meal in our Grill Room Restaurant or unwind in the George Bar with appetising platters and cocktails. Afternoon tea served in our Spy Lounge and Wallace Room is perfect for those little indulgences. The team at Durrants are always on hand to assist and make guests feel at home.

  • Wed, June 02, 2021 8:58 AM | Anonymous

    This month Julie Redmond interviews Brett Wolstencroff, who co-founded the Daunt Books at its flagship Marylebone shop in 1990 with James Daunt. Find out how he began and how he is finding trade through the present crisis.

    Where did Daunt books begin?

    I joined Daunt Books Marylebone 30 years ago when it opened its doors in 1990.

    The high street was far less vibrant than it is today, it was a forgotten but elegant backwater.

    It got worse for a few years; it certainly did not have the village feel like it has today. Then it changed a lot, it became more residential, and Gap arrived and then The Conran Shop and Waitrose and Daunt Books at the heart.

    Q. How has the last year been for you?

    Retail is struggling to pay rent and rates have gone up.

    Despite what you hear, book shops have struggled. It has been difficult as we have not been able to provide service and people cannot browse. Since reopening it is like we are back in the 1990s, we have no tourists coming, no office workers and people who would have previously come to London and come to Daunt as a destination shopping experience do not anymore.

    Q. What is the most popular section in Daunt Books Marylebone at present?

    We have a big travel section and guidebooks have always been popular but now it is all about

    British guidebooks. Escapism books have been popular, books on fiction. It is a rich moment where people have rediscovered the pleasure of reading.

    Q. What book are you currently reading?

    Great Circle by Maggie Shipstead, a New York Times best seller, a historical book and unforgettable story of a daredevil female aviator determined to chart her own course in life.

    Q. Tell me about the authors/books in the window?

    Natalia Ginzberg, an Italian author, is fantastic. We publish her. Her work explores family relationships, politics during and after the fascist years and World War 2, and philosophy. The Dry Heart and The Road to the city are in the window today. She has been hugely successful.

    A lot of authors have written about her.

    Then there is Bear, written by Canadian author Marian Engel. We also publish her work. The story tells of a lonely librarian in Northern Ontario who enters a sexual relationship with a bear.

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