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Planning Application - MA Responses for October

Tue, October 31, 2017 12:00 PM | Anonymous

Please find below responses to planning applications by the Marylebone Association Planning sub-committee. Any comments should be referred to Neil Wilson. neil.wilson@marylebone.org

92 PORTLAND PLACE  17/07930/FULL/PP-06358695    

Installation of steel staircase from ground floor balcony to lower ground floor courtyard with integral 'green wall'. Resurfacing to courtyard to form parking area and garden area. (Linked to 17/07931/LBC)

No Objection:                   VS:  11 October 2017

16 STRATFORD PLACE 7/07813/FULL/PP-06350018   

Infilling of rear lightwell at ground floor level and associated internal alterations. Linked to 17/07814/LBC 

No Objection:                   VS:  11 October 2017

126 BAKER STREET  17/07802/TCH/PP-06349297   Use of an area of the public highway measuring 1.9m x 7.0m for the placing of 4 tables and 14 chairs in connection with the adjacent coffee shop. 

Comment:  Should the Council be minded to consent this application then the Association recommends a temporary permission to ensure there is no detriment to the amenity.

            VS:  11 October 2017

33 CAVENDISH SQUARE  17/07810/TCH/PP-06349896   

Use of the public highway measuring 0.8m x 9.5m and 0.8m x 2.5m for the placing of six tables, five benches and two barriers in two areas in connection with the adjacent coffee shop.


Comment:  Should the Council be minded to consent this application then the Association recommends a temporary permission to ensure there is no detriment to the amenity.

            VS:  11 October 2017

7 CAVENDISH SQUARE 17/07819/FULL/PP-06268067  

Installation of an AC unit within the existing fifth floor plant area. Linked to 17/07937/LBC

      No Objection:                   VS:  11 October 2017

79 BLANDFORD STREET 17/07314/FULL/PP-06305889  

Erection of single storey rear ground floor extension, including full length balcony at first floor level in connection with the residential use.

No Objection:                   VS:  11 October 2017

LISTER HOUSE 11-12 WIMPOLE STREET   17/07883/FULL/PP-06338378  

Installation of new plant within an acoustic enclosure within internal lightwell at basement level, installation of a quench pipe from basement to first floor level within brick enclosure.

No Objection:                   VS:  11 October 2017

86 HARLEY STREET   17/08401/LBC/PP-06343459  

Internal alteration to basements at 86 and 88 Harley Street including enlargement of existing openings and provision of a door between 86 and 88 Harley Street.

No Objection:                    DM:  16 October 2017

7 CAVENDISH PLACE   17/08454/FULL/PP-06379742  

Demolition of 7-11 Cavendish Place and redevelopment to provide a new building comprising basement, ground and 6 upper floors with flexible retail (Use Class A1/A2) at ground and basement levels and office (Use Class B1) on upper floors together with plant and associated works

No Objection:                    DM:  24 October 2017

18 CATO STREET   17/08771/FULL/PP-06421627   

Erection of rear extension at second floor level and erection of roof extension to form new third floor in order to enlarge dwelling (Class C3).

Comment:   The Association notes the absence of a Daylight & Sunlight report in support of this application. In extending the building, both vertically with an additional storey and laterally, extending the second floor, the applicant should demonstrate that neighbouring amenity, with regards to daylight and sunlight provision, is unaffected (or within BRE recommended guidelines).                 DM:  24 October 2017

12 MARYLEBONE MEWS   17/08882/FULL/PP- 06438364  Installation of a entrance door and replace the existing garage door with a window. Use of rear flat roof as second floor as a terrace.

Objection:  The proposed roof terrace will impact adversely on neighbouring amenity, directly overlooking rear gardens and residential properties to Wimpole Street.


Erection of a new single storey roof extension to create four residential units (Class C3) and associated plant. Creation of three new terraces at new fifth floor level. (Site includes 9-11A Weymouth Street and 60A Portland Place) (Part of a land use swap with 142-146 Harley Street).


The Marylebone Association notes the changes which have been made to the proposals and we can see that attempts have been made to improve the appearance of the proposed extension.  However, in our view, the revisions have not overcome the fundamental principal of our original objection and as a result we still have objections to the application.  in particular:

·       The additional roof storey is inappropriate in the context of the existing building and its neighbours. The original design of the street sought to have a variation in terms of the roofscape, which would be lost in these proposals.  It will appear bulky and monotonous in all the views where it will be seen, i.e. from all of the surrounding buildings. In addition to these numerous high-level views, there are also street-level views from both sides of Hallam Street and the junction of Weymouth Street and Great Portland Street, and in these views the roof will be appear bulky and overbearing.

·       The changes to the rear have sought to overcome the problems of having a sheet extension, but has resulted in a roof form which would appear alien and unsatisfactory.

·       The building is already amongst the taller and more imposing buildings in the area, and the additional height and bulk will make the building appear too tall for its context and somewhat overbearing. In bringing the same design of roof across all of the Weymouth Street properties, there is an attempt at homogenising this group of buildings which is to their detriment. This approach is fundamentally harmful to the character of the conservation area.


In our view the revised proposal would have a harmful impact on the conservation area and we can see no public benefit which would make this harm necessary. The proposals are contrary to the NPPF (paragraph 134) and to DES6 and DES9 of the Council’s own policies.

 NW:  28 October 2017


The Marylebone Association

6 Wimpole Street




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