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Planning Application - MA Responses for November

Thu, May 31, 2018 5:23 AM | Anonymous

Please find below responses to planning applications by the Marylebone Association Planning sub-committee. Any comments should be referred to Neil Wilson. neil.wilson@marylebone.org

27 DORSET STREET 17/07121/FULL/PP-06445901  Conversion from two residential maisonettes to one single family dwelling and addition of closet wing and conservatory to rear facade including external and internal refurbishment and internal alterations, new sash windows to match existing and new 'Juliet balconies' to front first floor windows. (Linked to 17/09122/LBC) 

Declaration of Interest - The Association would like it noted that a member of their planning panel has links with this application.

This member has not been involved in making the submission below.
Whilst the design of the canopy itself would be an improvement over the existing the extensive lighting would distract from views towards Marble Arch from Great Cumberland Place.
Access steps have restricted headroom (which may not meet building regulations).
Kitchen use will generate significant humidity which cannot be adequately ventilated.
Floor of vault is being lowered by circa 700mm which will require underpinning to existing perimeter walls. Details required.           WH:  23 November 2017

No Objection:   The proposed development aims to reinstate the listed building to its original use and layout and to provide a high quality family sized dwelling that will ensure the maintenance and future use of this historic building. It is therefore supported.

         JH:  13 November 2017

14 SHERLOCK MEWS 17/09151/FULL/PP-0655532   Variation of Condition 1 of planning permission dated 23 June 2015 ( RN : 14/10743/FULL) for, 'Demolition of rear facade of Nos. 96-98 Baker Street and front and part rear facades of No. 14 Sherlock Mews, use of first to fourth floors of Nos. 96-98 Baker Street as eight residential flats (Class C3), amalgamation of flats at first and second floors of No. 14 Sherlock Mews into a maisonette (Class C3), erection of replacement shopfronts to Baker Street facade, erection of replacement rear facade to Nos. 96-98 Baker Street, erection of replacement front facade to No. 14 Sherlock Mews, alterations at roof level, and other associated external alterations'; NAMELY, to incorporate the retention of 5 no. windows and 1 no. door, the enlargement of an existing door and a new arrangement of the inner yard to allocate private amenity space and access to the 3-bedroom maisonette rendering it a double aspect unit. 

Comment:  Although the retention of windows to the mews house and provision of external amenity space would improve daylighting and provide amenity space to the mews house the modest dimensions of the terrace and close proximity to flats 02 and 03 may result in a reduction of privacy and increased noise transfer between units. This would be clearer if the application included the 96-98 Baker Street flats in the drawings.           JH:  13 November 2017

CUMBERLAND HOTEL  GREAT CUMBERLAND PLACE  17/09103/FULL/PP-06334881   External alterations including replacement of a canopy at the Great Cumberland Place entrance, the reinstatement of windows and insertion of windows along Great Cumberland Place facade, replacement of entrance at Bryanston Street and Great Cumberland Place, replacement of canopy at Bryanston Street and enclosure of existing entrance lobby area at Great Cumberland Place through the relocation of doors along the building line. 

Objection:  Although the applicant states that the design proposals have responded to the pre-application advice they do not address the concerns over illumination of the canopy and signage.

                    JH:  13 November 2017

35 NOTTINGHAM PLACE  17/09218/FULL/PP-06456162   Erection of mansard roof extension and associated works to accommodate additional HMO accommodation (sui generis use). 

No Objection:                      JH:  14 November 2017

66 CHILTERN STREET  17/09535/FULL/PP-06491167  Use of ground floor unit as flexible use for retail/ leisure (Class A1) or (Class D2).        

Objection:  A prime street level frontage such as this with external space should remain retail use and not be available for exclusive membership only leisure/gym which would bring little to the life of the street.         WH:  23 November 2017

7 SEYMOUR  PLACE  17/009072/FULL/PP-06416807  Use of basement and ground floor to a nail bar (sui generis) and installation of external lighting to front elevation. 

No Objection:                           WH:  23 November 2017

24 MANCHESTER STREET  17/09378/FULL/PP-06449221  Internal and external alterations including replacement of sash windows, demolition of existing rear extension and erection of a new single storey rear extension, installation of 1 ac unit to pitched roof and use of a single family dwelling. (Linked to 17/09379/LBC)

Objection:  The Marylebone Association is in general supportive of the proposals, but as a core principle we do not support the need for comfort cooling and associated carbon emissions in traditional properties which can be naturally ventilated.          WH:  23 November 2017

BASEMENT  10 DEVONSHIRE PLACE  17/09351/FULL/PP-06466407  Widening of existing openings to rear elevations facing the couryard at basement level and conversion of vaulted area into habitable space. (Linked to 17/09352/LBC) 

No Objection:                           WH:  23 November 2017

15 BRYANSTON SQUARE  17/09260/FULL/PP-06316036  Variation of condition 1 of planning permission dated 26 August 2016 (RN 16/06176/FULL) for the proposed use of the building as a single family dwelling (class C3). Alterations including excavation to provide a new basement level; the demolition of the existing rear extensions on lower ground and ground floors and the erection of replacement extensions, with terraces on first floor; the installation of six air conditioning units at main roof level and internal alterations on all floors. NAMELY, to enable amendments to the approved drawings to allow for external alterations including alterations to existing pipework and ventilation grilles, replacement front windows at first floor level, installation of three additional air condenser units and six mechanical extract outlets at roof level, replacement of and alterations to rooflights and replacement of existing rear first floor window with openable french doors to first floor terrace (Linked to 17/09261/LBC) (AMENDED DESCRIPTION) 

Objection:   The Marylebone Association is in general supportive of the proposals but as a core principle does not support the airconditioning and associated carbon emissions of traditional properties that can be naturally ventilated.               WH:  23 November 2017

35 MOLYNEUX STREET  17/090366/FULL/PP-06446281   Internal alterations including the removal of a non-working chimney breast at first floor level. Renovations to the part mansard butterfly roof with the addition of two conservation rooflights (Linked to 17/09367/LBC) 

Objection:   Bathroom does not require a rooflight in this listed building with original butterfly roof as it has a window         WH:  23 November 2017

113 GLOUCESTER PLACE  17/09278/FULL/PP- 06440366  Use of the lower ground floor as a residential flat (Class C3), replacement of door and window with timber door and windows, and associated works. Linked to 17/09279/LBC 

Insufficient Information:  Use of the vault as a kitchen is not suitable:


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