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Planning Application - MA Responses for January

Thu, May 31, 2018 5:39 AM | Anonymous

Please find below responses to planning applications by the Marylebone Association Planning sub-committee. Any comments should be referred to Neil Wilson. neil.wilson@marylebone.org

85 MARYLEBONE HIGH STREET 17/10831/FULL/PP-06571349  Erection of a mansard roof extension to create a new two bedroom maisonette at third and fourth floor level. 

Declaration of Interest - The Association would like it noted that a member of their planning panel has links with this application.
This member has not been involved in making the submission below.

Comment:   The principle of development and the proposed design are acceptable. Further consideration should be given to the impact on daylight and sunlight amenity to properties at 83 and 84 Marylebone High St.            DM:  3 January 2018

50 WEYMOUTH STREET 17/10719/FULL/PP-06556621   Erection of a mansard roof extension at rear second floor level to the Beaumont Mews elevation of the building to create 3 no. self contained units (Class C3) in connection with infilling the lightwell to the rear at ground and first floor level for residential use (Class C3). 

No Objection:     DM:  3 January 2018

62-64 BAKER STREET  17/10950/FULL/PP-06598309   Use of ground floor and basement as mix use retail (Class A1) and leisure (Class D2). Installation of new shopfront. 

Comment:  Although the proposed loss of Class A1 retail would fail to comply with policy the proposals do seek to retain the active frontage and the Planning Statement and Marketing Report demonstrate the difficulty of attracting tenants for an A1 use.

There is some contradiction within the documentation as to whether the applicant seeks approval for detailed design of the shopfront, signage, or use of the highway for external seating.

Providing that sound insulation, the retention of retail space, and the external seating are secured by condition, in the context of a reduction in demand for retail space in the area, we agree that the proposals offer a creative way to reactivate the street and would support the change of use.               JH:  8 January 2018

82 HARLEY STREET  17/09880/FULL/PP-06511948   Internal alterations on the ground and second floors, and alterations to the basement flat to provide two flats. (Linked to 17/09881/LBC) 

Comment:   We have concerns over amenity to the 2no. flats proposed at basement level. Both flats appear to have access to the covered space labelled Courtyard - 1. Whether this is to be a shared space or proposed for use by one unit it would cause privacy issues between the two flats. The ventilation strategy is unclear as windows appear to open into the covered space of Courtyard 1.

Daylight/sunlight levels within the flats are likely to be poor due to the reduced dimensions of the courtyards and number of internal rooms.

No key is provided on the plans to establish what areas are to be demolished though it is apparent that alterations to the listed building would be greater than those marked in red on the proposed. An itemised schedule of works and assessment of the heritage value of the existing fabric would clarify this, but it seems the proposed alterations would cause significant harm to the legibility of the original building and damage the significance of it as a heritage asset.                      JH:  8 January 2018

14 HALLAM STREET  17/10857/FULL/PP-06591503  Dual/alternative use of the basement, ground, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors as either office (Use Class B1) or medical consulting rooms (Use Class D1). 

No Objection:         JH:  8 January 2018

13-15 PORTLAND PLACE 17/10815/FULL/PP-06533829  Use of the building for a temporary period of 20 years as a medical use (Use Class D1) personal to OM Tower LLP. 

No Objection:                               JH:  8 January 2018

8 RODMARTON STREET  17/09979/FULL/PP-06457666  Installation of replacement roof in natural slate with lead detailing and new roof light and installation of replacement windows. 

No Objection:                               JH:  8 January 2018


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