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Planning Application - MA Responses for February

Thu, May 31, 2018 5:43 AM | Anonymous

Please find below responses to planning applications by the Marylebone Association Planning sub-committee. Any comments should be referred to Neil Wilson. neil.wilson@marylebone.org

9 DEVONSHIRE MEWS SOUTH 18/00173/FULL/PP-06597409   Demolition of existing building and erection of replacement dwellinghouse (Class C3) over ground, first and second floor levels with integral garage and roof terrace at rear second floor level.

Comment:   The proposed front elevation is too ‘busy’ with a mixture of light brickwork, darker brickwork courses, render panels, oak lined window reveals and brickwork ‘shutter effect’ either side of the windows. Traditional mews houses are more utilitarian and use a simpler pallette of materials.

The 1st floor windows are too small and ground floor fenestration too low in comparison to neighbouring buildings.

A unified full width approach to the ground floor would better remember original uses as stabling/coach house.   WH:  13 February 2018

67 HARLEY STREET 18/00220/FULL/PP-06652488   Deletion of Condition 7 of planning permission dated 20 December 2017 (RN: 17/09838/FULL) for, 'Insertion of a window in the side wall at ground floor level and replacing a door at the rear'; NAMELY in order to allow the use of the rear ground floor flat roof as a terrace. 

No Objection:    VS: 22 February 2018

19 NEW QUEBEC STREET  18/00204/FULL/PP-06627633   Use of the ground floor and basement for a composite retail, restaurant and training purposes (Sui Generis), installation of a replacement awning and associated minor internal alterations. (Linked to 18/00205/LBC) 

No Objection:    VS: 22 February 2018

1-2 WELBECK STREET  17/11372/FULL/PP-06628218   Use of sub-basement area, third, fourth and fifth floors of 1-2 Welbeck Street as dual / alternative use as office (Class B1) and/or medical use (Class D1), installation of a single storey storage, plant and cycle provision enclosure in the rear courtyard, and plant to the roof and to the rear elevation. 

No Objection:    VS: 22 February 2018

7 BEVERSTON MEWS  18/00246/FULL/PP-06658071  Erection of a single storey mansard roof extension to provide addition residential accommodation in connection with the existing single family dwelling (Class C3).       

Comment:  The provision of a mansard roof in principle is acceptable however, the extension of the proposed mansard beyond the adjoining perpendicular façade does not relate to the facade arrangement over the lower floors. The current roof turns the corner however the proposed roof runs on beyond the perpendicular parapet wall, and comes to an abrupt stop providing an uncomfortable junction with the existing roof. Consideration could be given to pulling the mansard back to the perpendicular parapet wall on the front elevation only to relate to the lower floors of the property.   VS: 22 February 2018

105 GREAT PORTLAND STREET 18/00302/FULL/PP-06667955  Use of the ground and basement floors as educational premises (Class D1) for a period to 31st December 2032.

No Objection:    VS: 22 February 2018

334-348 OXFORD STREET  18/00156/FULL/PP-06643357   External alterations to form new entrance area to ground floor restaurant. Linked to 18/00157/ADV 

No Objection:    VS: 22 February 2018

33 SEYMOUR PLACE  17/11358/FULL/PP-06250111  Re-design of existing railings, incorporating bullet-resistent glass and hostile vehicle mitigation bollards. (linked with 17/11359/LBC)

No Objection:    VS: 22 February 2018


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