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Planning Application - MA Responses for March

Thu, May 31, 2018 5:46 AM | Anonymous

Please find below responses to planning applications by the Marylebone Association Planning sub-committee. Any comments should be referred to Neil Wilson. neil.wilson@marylebone.org

6 HALLAM STREET 18/00264/FULL/PP-06641973   Use of property as two flats (one 1-bed and one 2-bed). Alterations to the front elevation in the form of replacement garage and entrance doors, installation of timber cladding, installation of replacement windows. 

Insufficient Information:   Holding Objection.  There is a lack of information provided within the application to ensure that the Association’s policies are being met. We ask that officers consider the residential offer being sought in this application in view of the Strategic Policies.

          TB:  7 March 2018

54 NEW CAVENDISH STREET  18/01511/FULL/PP-06728677   Temporary use of the basement to third floors for medical purposes (Class D1) for a period of 15 years. 

No Objection:         DM: 8 March 2018

NORTHUMBERLAND HOUSE  155-157 GREAT PORTLAND STREET  18/01472/FULL/PP-06677549   Dual/alternative use of ground and basement floors of 155-157 Great Portland Street for either a showroom and ancillary offices (sui generis) or a mixed retail and beauty centre (sui generis). 

No Objection:         DM: 8 March 2018

107 HARLEY STREET  17/11198/FULL/PP-06611886   Demolition of the existing building to the rear of the main property and erection of a three storey replacement building. Installation of plant at rear first floor level of the new replacement building and at main roof level of 107 Harley Street with an associated enclosure. Internal alterations at all floor levels within 107 Harley Street. (Linked with 17/11199/LBC) 

Insufficient Information:  The application information is lacking in clarity. Existing drawings are provided but without an indication of the extent of demolition – making it very difficult to determine the extent of proposed development in relation to the existing.

It is clear that the new building at the rear is taller than the one it replaces, however the long section (DD) through the proposal is entirely missing height measurements on the new building, again making it difficult to determine the extent of height increase. No indication is given as to the proposed increase in massing on neighbouring amenity and whether this is impacted.         DM: 8 March 2018

16 DEVONSHIRE PLACE  18/01317/FULL/PP-06741489  Use as six self-contained flats (Class C3) including demolition of existing rear extensions and erection of new extension over lower-ground and ground-floor, excavation of rear garden and vault at lower ground floor level. Installation of internal lift to serve second to fourth floors, internal alterations, replacement windows, alterations to facade, provision of rooftop plant and a condenser unit within an acoustic enclosure within the rear patio at lower ground floor level and condenser in front lightwell and landscaping. (Linked with 18/01318/LBC)       

No Objection:         DM: 8 March 2018

8-10 MOXON STREET 17/09132/FULL/PP-06449140  Use from (Class A1) butchers/delicatessen to a mixture of butchers shop with butchery classes (sui generis use) during the hours of 19:00 to 23:00 (Mondays to Saturdays) and 16:00 to 20:00 on Sundays. 

Objection:  The Marylebone Association objects on grounds of impact to local amenity. Whilst the application only seeks to regularize a change of use from A1 to sui generis use class (allowing for butchery lessons) it has been brought to the Association’s attention that cooking also takes place during said butchery lessons, causing strong odours that are not dealt with appropriately via suitable extraction and filtration. Food and wine is also consumed on the premises during the butchery lessons, often outside of the area marked on the proposed plan an indeed often spilling out on to the street causing noise and nuisance to neighbours.       DM: 12 March 2018

D BLOCK OSSINGTON BUILDINGS 18/01342/FULL/PP-06726657   Erection of rear ground floor extension to two ground floor flats including formation of new ground floor terrace and green roof.

Insufficient information:  We note that whilst the application drawings include datum lines, these lack annotation of heights. The association recommends that these are added by the applicant for the avoidance of doubt. Height markers should show the heights of roofs and parapets of the proposed extension in relation to external finished floor levels and in relation to party walls.          DM: 26 March 2018

FIRST FLOOR FLAT  131 HARLEY STREET  18/01492/FULL/PP-06721868  Internal alterations to first floor flat, replacement of front elevation windows and relocation of boiler flue on rear elevation (Linked to 18/01493/LBC) 

No Objection:  Alterations to reinstate the original plan form of the building are welcomed as are replacement of the casement window to the front elevation.
The use of 2 pane sash windows to match others in the same elevation would give a more harmonious appearance to the façade.       JH: 27 March 2018

BASEMENT AND GROUND FLOOR  32-34 NEW CAVENDISH STREET  18/01665/FULL/PP-06779420  Erection of two storey rear extension at lower ground and ground floor level in order to provide additional retail (Class A1) floorspace. 

No Objection:       JH: 27 March 2018


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