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Planning Application - MA Responses for August 2019

Sat, August 31, 2019 12:00 AM | Anonymous

73-75 HARLEY STREET 19/05270/FULL/PP-07972786  Minor internal and external alterations to the buildings including the installation of a new sesame lift to 75 Harley Street and installation of new partitions and door positions throughout the buildings. (Linked to 19/05271/LBC)

No Comment:   If officers are minded to approve the application, consideration should be given to adding window joinery details and materiality as a planning condition.     JT:  14 August 2019

16 MONTAGU STREET 19/04907/FULL/PP-07956052  Use of ground floor garages as 2 residential properties (Use Class C3) and associated external alterations including new windows and doors.

Objection;  We would expect any application to submit a daylight and sunlight assessment demonstrating that the standard of accommodation meets BRE requirements.
The application drawings do not show either cycle storage (referred to in the planning statement) or refuse or recycling storage. The entry WC is not accessible or Part M compliant.
While the principle of new residential accommodation is welcomed, it needs to be high quality and to comply with the Mayors Housing SPG. We would expect, as a minimum, a Design & Access Statement stating how each of the elements, including space standards etc are addressed in the proposals.
The scheme should not be consented until these are clearly addressed.

Montagu Mews South is a "dead end " cobbled street with no pavements and a single, very narrow entrance from/onto George Street. There is a lot of normal vehicle and pedestrian movement in and out of the Mews on a daily basis including children and elderly. We request that should Planning Approval be granted a condition of a CMP precommencement condition which should severely limit the level of construction vehicle and equipment activity in the Mews, and that any related parking and material storage etc must not impede the access of Mews residents to their properties, garages."           NW:  17 August 2019

18 MARYLEBONE HIGH STREET 19/05967/FULL/PP-08045206  Repositioning of 2 x air conditioning units at rear ground floor level and erection of balcony. 

Comment:  Generally the drawings are unclear and lack information. No context is shown on the drawings, and the absence of elevation/section markers means it is not possible to establish the affect on amenity of neighbouring occupants. Further information is also required on noise output of relocated plant.     JH:  28 August 2019

1-2 WELBECK STREET 19/06118/FULL/PP-07996886  Dual/alternative use for Class B1(a) office and/or medical use (Class D1) at seventh floor level; alterations at sixth floor comprising of a single storey extension, balustrading and landscaping works; installation of plant equipment internally at fifth floor level and externally at roof level; minor fenestration alterations to the rear elevation at fifth and sixth floors including replacement of windows to louvres and opaque film to windows. 

No Comment:         JH:  28 August 2019

111 GLOUCETER PLACE MEWS 19/06029/FULL/PP-08049012  Demolition of existing rear garage and erection of a two storey rear extension to provide additional accommodation to the existing dwelling at lower ground and ground floor levels. (Linked to 19/06030/LBC) 

Objection:  The proposed sheer masonry wall facing Gloucester Place Mews has no Architectural merit. It would reduce amenity to the area, harms the streetscape and would magnify the already poor passive overlooking, encouraging crime and antisocial behaviour.     JH:  28 August 2019


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